The Date for the next Dreghorn Angling Club AGM has been scheduled for mid to Late January 2022 at our usual venue:- Townend Community Centre, 15 Townfoot, Dreghorn KA11 4EQ.  We will notify the final date when this is confirmed.

The management committee are maintaining email and telephone contact via our Club Secretary. 

Season Angling Club Permits are normally on sale at Townend Community Centre, 15 Townfoot, Dreghorn KA11 4EQ between 1900 and 2100 hrs on the last Friday of February and the first two Fridays of March, each year.  After these dates, Permits are available from Club outlet and digital applications:-

Alyson’s Flowers, 8 – 10 Bank Street, Irvine KA12 0AD.

No Day Tickets will be available after 31st October in any season

Our Angling season for Salmon, Sea-Trout & Brown Trout will begin on

15th March 2021.

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  1. Lee O'Brien says:

    Hi all and congratulations on a great website. Just looking for a little clarity if possible. On the night i bought my new permit i had asked about boundaries(which i have checked here and in my permit) and i am sure i was told that we could fish to the 2nd bridge above the Laigh Mill…but it only says on here and in the permit that the Lave Mill is the limit. I just wanted to be sure before i fished above the Lave dam that it was allowed as i would hate to be fishing another clubs water by accident! Sorry for the newbie question! Keep up the great work and tight lines for the season 🎣


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