Office bearers and Officials 2017 season

President:                          Mr. John Lindsay

Vice President:                 Mr. Ronnie Picken, 69 Monach Gardens, Dreghorn, KA11 4EB.   Tel. 01294 213 887

Secretary:                          Direct email:-

Hon. President:                Prof. D.D. Muir

Treasurer:                          Mr. Graham Kilpatrick

Ticket Secretary:             Mr. Donald Carson, 18 Mount View, Dreghorn, KA11 4AS   Tel: 07469 172 259

Committee Members:      All office bearers and Messrs. Dale Kilpatrick,  Alex Watson,  James Hek (Snr.),  James Hek, Hector Wark, Craig Osborne, Cliff Atkinson, David Cowan, Andrew Thomson, Ethan Mackenzie (Junior Representative).

Webmaster: C. Atkinson –

Assistant Webmaster E. Mackenzie –

All Club members and Officials are required to assist the Warranted Water Bailiffs to uphold the relevant Fishery Laws and Club Rules.