Office bearers and Officials 2021 season

President:            Mr. Bill Giddings -Direct email:-

Vice-President – Mr D. Caddis – c/o

Secretary:            Mr. Keith Henry –Direct email:-

Hon. President:    Prof. D.D. Muir

Treasurer: Mr. Graham Kilpatrick –Direct email:-

Ticket Secretary:  Direct email:-

Competition Secretary:- Mr. Dale Kilpatrick –Direct email:-

Committee Members & Club Management team:  Includes all office bearers:

Messrs. Dale Kilpatrick,  Jim Hek, Hector Wark, Cliff Atkinson, William Giddings, Graeme Kilpatrick,  Keith Henry,  David Caddis.

PLUS HON. MEMBERS (incl. past presidents)

John Lindsay, Keith Lynch, Ronnie Picken, William Osborne, Tom Campbell

Webmaster: Direct email:-

All Club members and Officials are required to assist the Warranted Water Bailiffs to uphold the relevant Fishery Laws and Club Rules.  And also to report to Police Scotland any acts of vandalism or suspicious behaviour witnessed on or near our Club waters.