Dreghorn Angling Club RULES


No member may fish without a permit and must carry the permit at all times when fishing.  The permit must be shown on request to any member of the Club, any Club Water Bailiff or River Irvine District Bailiff.


  1.  No member may fish without a permit and must carry the permit at all times when fishing.  The permit must be shown on request to any member of the Club, any Club Water Bailiff or River Irvine District Bailiff.     PERMITS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE.
  2. Members bind themselves to obey additional rules of the River Irvine Angling Improvement Association and the Ayrshire Angling Association.
  3. Members bind themselves to observe the close seasons which are for: Brown Trout from 07 October till 14 March inclusive.  Sea-Trout from 01 November til 14 March inclusive.   Salmon from 16 November til 14 March inclusive.  (Only artificial bait or fly may be used between 1st & 15th November inclusive).   No Visitor Daily permits will be issued during this period.
  4. Members strictly bind themselves to abstain from all methods of illegal fishing, fishing with more than one rod, with lying bait, etc.  No fishing with natural prawns and shrimps – or imitations thereof – on club waters.  Crown Lease waters are defined as follows:   South Bank: upstream from Bogie Bridge  and  North Bank: upstream from Holmsford (Red) Bridge.
  5. The Rivers Irvine & Annick are designated Category 3 by Marine Science Scotland therefore all Salmon caught must be released back to the water whether unharmed or not.
  6. Members bind themselves to return to the water all unclean fish and all species of fish under 10 inches in length measured from nose to tip of tail.  All gravid Salmon, Sea-Trout and Brown Trout must be carefully returned to the water, irrespective of size.  Eels must be returned, unharmed, to the water.
  7. Only 4 Brown Trout may be retained per day by members except during Club Competitions on Club waters – when this limit is increased to 6.
  8. The Club prohibits the sale of any species of fish caught in Club waters.
  9. The maximum size of hook permitted when bait fishing must not exceed size No. 4 and the maximum breaking strain of nylon or gut will not exceed 12lbs B.S.    Lead weights may not be placed below the hook on any tackle used.
  10. Members bind themselves not to injure trees, fences, gates etc., nor to interfere with game in any way, nor to be accompanied by a dog whilst fishing.
  11. No member shall disturb water Courses without prior permission of the Committee of Management.
  12. Members bind themselves to fish in a courteous manner and to move steadily through a pool, TAKING A STEP WITH EVERY CAST.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           SUNDAY FISHING
  13. Sunday fishing is permitted on the River Irvine from 15th March until 6th October and is strictly for BROWN TROUT ONLY.  Maximum hook size is No. 12 and breaking strain of nylon must not exceed 4lb.
  14. Sunday fishing on the River Annick, strictly for BROWN TROUT ONLY is permitted FROM PERCETON BRIDGE TO ANNICK MOUTH, provided the Maximum hook size is No. 12 and breaking strain of nylon must not exceed 4lb.
  15. Any member who intends to compete in a competition, but cannot register at the start, may enter by informing the Competitions Convener in advance.  Adult competitors must decide which section to enter, either Open or Fly Only, and inform the Convener accordingly.
  16. Only non competitors are allowed to fish during the daytime on the dates of evening competitions.
  17. Members must return, on the form provided, a record of all fish caught, to the Secretary at the end of each season, to be received before the 30th day of November.  A NIL return should also be recorded.  ALL FISH RECORDS RETURNED TO THE SECRETARY BY THIS DATE WILL BE ENTERED INTO A PRIZE DRAW FOR A FREE SEASON TICKET.  ONE PRIZE FOR ADULTS, ONE PRIZE FOR JUNIORS.
  18. Access to the River Irvine through the Dreghorn Crematorium is strictly prohibited.
  19. Members bind themselves to observe the rules and to report any breach of the foregoing rules to the Club Secretary or any Committee member. Members are reminded that they may be expelled from the Club, without a right of appeal, at the sole discretion of The Committee of Management.
  20. All disputes, of whatever nature, will be resolved by the Management Committee whose decisions are binding and final.
  21. Each ADULT member, in each season, may have 1 FREE guest ticket issued for a  named guest on 1 specific day.  That guest must be accompanied by the member, and a free day ticket, obtained at least 24hrs in advance, marked “DAY GUEST FREE” and dated for that day must be held by the guest. Guests should be encouraged to obtain full membership in their own right following a guest day with our member.   Any abuse of this concessionary rule may have implications for both the member and guest.



  • In common with  other Salmon Fisheries in Scotland, The Government has introduced a Law which prevents killing  ANY SALMON, from 1st April 2016, onwards – until further notice.

This is a conservation measure which is fully supported by the Dreghorn Angling Club and which we believe is temporary – dependent on a sucessful Fisheries Management Programme being accepted & introduced.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Dr D. Donald Muir says:

    This is a splendid, detailed and very useful web site. Those devising the layout are to be commended as it portrays the club in a very good light. I have now been a member of the club since 1975 and continue to be proud to be associated with it. Tight lines for the upcoming season. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


    1. Many thanks Dr. Muir. Its always good to receive positive comments – which will be passed to the committee. We hope you too have enjoyed Christmas& a Happy, healthy 2017. Best regards.


  2. Jon blair says:

    I’ve been told there is fly tying lessons on monday night at the community centre is this still going


    1. John – There is a fly tyers guild, and instruction available through our Secretary. email secretary@dreghornangling.com for further details.


  3. Jon blair says:

    Do any members post fishing reports I’ve just returned to oz so I’m missing out on salmon seatrout reports tia


  4. Jon blair says:

    Fishing reports would be good


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