About Dreghorn Angling Club


 Dreghorn Angling Club (D.A.C.) was established in 1925 and has since held fishings on the River Irvine and Annick water.  Memberships are held by anglers who are resident in a wide area of the country, but many are local to the area and they support a wide range of Club activities and competitions.

D.A.C. is affiliated to Ayrshire Angling Association  (A.A.A) and also The River Irvine & Garnock Angling Improvement Association (R.I.G.A.I.A). Members of The Ayrshire Rivers Trust (A.R.T) and Fish Legal.

The club has a very successful Junior Section and younger members are encouraged through regular discussion, support, training, competitions, fly tying etc.

D.A.C have the following Patrons – whom we sincerely thank – and whose support is widely appreciated:  Mr.T.Forrest; Mr M. Wilson; Prof.Inglis; Mr. L. Quarm; Mr.A. Shanks; Mr.R.Smith; Mr.Sinclair; North Ayrshire Council:























































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